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In his exciting new book, The Resurrection of the Shroud written by one of the world's experts on this most intriguing piece of ancient history, attorney Mark Antonacci documents decades of studies on the Shroud of Turin.  Using "expert witnesses" in the fields of Medicine, History and Archaeology, Antonacci realizes that the "preponderance of evidence concludes that the 14 foot long linen bearing the image of a crucified man is indeed the burial cloth of the historical Christ.

For the first time, after centuries of effort, a scientific explanation is being presented for images of the man on the Shroud of Turin.  In Antonacci's book answers are found for long debated questions of how the unique body images and blood marks on the Shroud were formed.  He also presents the first scientific refutation and explanation of the carbon dating results and the future scientific testing needed to calculate the cloth's actual age.
He further reveals the lack of professional and scientific behavior of the scientists who carbon dated the Shroud and their efforts to prevent its examination by scientists most qualified to assess its authenticity.

Although an agnostic when he began his 20 year examination of the Shroud, he presents new and important points about the Shroud of Jesus Christ.  Using the latest technology he explains for the first time how the Shroud's body image developed over time and was not present for many years after the burial.  He also explores the scientific puzzle of the faint flower images, coin and skeletal features that may have became encoded on the Shroud and how they may also help to accurately date the cloth.
The Resurrection of the Shroud
By Mark Antonacci

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Book Reviews
"What a splendid irony it would be if science, after opposing religion for centuries, should finally provide the strongest confirmation of biblical claims! Mark Antonacci, a lawyer trained to evaluate evidence, uses science itself to rebut the arguments against the authenticity of the Turin Shroud (including the widely publicized carbon dating), and also to show it corroborates not only the crucifixion of Christ, but even his resurrection."

E. La. B. Cherbonnier
Professor of Religion Emeritus
Trinity College, Hartford, CT

"His refutation of the possibility that the Shroud was painted in the Middle Ages is engagingly presented and argued. Antonacci makes a strong case against the results of the 1988 carbon-dating testing, which assigned the Shroud's origin to the 14th century ... he convincingly argues that the procedure violated existing protocols for carbon-dating, using a poorly chosen sample that compromised results because it had sustained fire and water damage in 1532."

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