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We live at a unique moment in history.  With the advancement of modern scientific technology this and future generations can benefit in numerous ways that previous generations could only dream of.  Some of these ways have been completely unexpected.  For example, for the first time ever the world may very well have new, independent and empirical evidence affecting all of its inhabitants and directly relating to some of the most important issues and events in history --- and to many, these events have been controversial and uncertain.  For the first time in history, the world may very well have extensive medical, scientific, and archeological evidence for the numerous sufferings, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of the historical Jesus Christ.  This evidence is derived from very recent or relatively recent tests and experiments in connection with the Shroud of Turin.

Thousands of scientific tests have been performed to prove to be on the entire Shroud and on various samples that were removed from it following its first and only comprehensive scientific examination in 1978.  All of these test results are consistent with the shroud being the actual burial garment of Jesus, except one, and that was the most controversially conducted test ever performed on the cloth or its samples.  These test results have revealed that the Shroud contains the most unprecedented body images and blood marks in the world whose features literally defy the laws of physics and chemistry.  Interestingly, modern science has only been able to discover and illustrate many of the shroud's unique features, but it has not come close to duplicating them .
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With the passing of a generation of research and development, science may now be able to move beyond the question of authenticity and prove some of the most startling events in history, while disproving the results of the Shroud's controversial carbon dating.  Mark Antonacci, author of The Resurrection of the Shroud, the most comprehensive and substantive book ever written on the subject, and Art Lind, a retired physicist from McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and the Boeing Company, have devised a series of tests and experiments that will test what they consider to be the most likely explanation of the Shroud's images and unprecedented features, while explaining the cloth's aberrant carbon dating. Scientific tests and experiments utilizing nuclear reactors and accelerator mass spectrometers could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

Unlike any other image, as modern technology is applied to the shroud, its image makes quantum leaps in development.